Libya, Syria… is Norfolk next?

    I had intended this blog to cover all aspects of information governance including marketing, but unfortunately, my anorak’s habit of reading terms and conditions has already got the better of me in a possibly irrelevant way. In Waitrose’s weekly magazine, they had a competition sponsored by Jordan’s Cereals to win a weekend in… Continue reading Libya, Syria… is Norfolk next?

What do they know?

      A few months ago, a dispute arose between the popular / reviled* FOI request website What Do They Know and a landlord in Bournemouth, after his address was inadvertently included in an FOI response. The landlord asked for his address to be removed, and What Do They Know refused. WDTK volunteer Richard… Continue reading What do they know?

Fair Cop

        The bedrock of Data Protection is fairness. You cannot gain consent without fairness. Your interests are not legitimate interests if they are secret interests. Unless you have an exemption or you claim that telling the person represents disproportionate effort (i.e. the effort of telling outweighs the actual impact), you have to tell… Continue reading Fair Cop

A bridge too far

June is a significant time for Data Protection in the UK. At the end the month, we have the EU vote (where a vote to leave will throw at least the timetable for implementation of the new General Data Protection Regulation into disarray) and Christopher Graham steps down as Information Commissioner, to be replaced by Elizabeth Denham. There are several reasons to… Continue reading A bridge too far

Actually asked questions

One of the annoying things about working on documents or advice for the public is the inevitable moment where someone asks “shouldn’t we have some FAQs?”. And then someone proceeds to write a series of questions that the organisation wants the public to know the answers to, rather than the answers to questions the public… Continue reading Actually asked questions

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