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A very long engagement

  Tim Kelsey’s appearance on the Today programme was not illuminating. No compromise, no acknowledgement that the process has been badly handled, and the plan to slip leaflets about the process in with the pizza menus was on the advice of ‘competent marketing agencies’ (the sound you just heard was the launch of an FOI request about who they… Continue reading A very long engagement

Dangerous Liaisons

  “We found this meeting to be productive and are pleased with the level of cooperation between our respective organisations” Letter from David Evans, Strategic Liaison, Information Commissioner’s Office, to Christine Outram, Director of Strategic Intelligence, NHS England, 26 September 2013   As the care.data leaflet arrived in people’s homes in January, the ICO published a… Continue reading Dangerous Liaisons


  The people who run NHS England and the Health and Social Care Information Centre never wanted to give the public a choice about whether their data would be mined and sold for research purposes (and the clumsy, ill-infomed opt-out that was dragged out of them isn’t a proper choice anyway). It should therefore come… Continue reading Careless

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