Walk the walk

  Chris Graham gave an impressive interview to the Guardian which is published today. It’s nice to see the Information Commissioner standing up for the principles of transparency and Freedom of Information in the face of what everyone can see is an establishment backlash. As the article says: “There are some very powerful voices saying it [the… Continue reading Walk the walk

Revenge of the Nincompoop

  With his charm, TOWIE tan and beaming smile, ageing smoothie Tony Blair increasingly resembles Lewis Archer, the character Nigel Havers played in Coronation Street. Ingratiating, suave but clearly with a huge amount of dodgy business in his past, Blair sidles up to us, offering a wonderful future. Unfortunately, like his fictional cousin, Blair’s past… Continue reading Revenge of the Nincompoop

A pair of Charlies

  The establishment wagons are circling – after Simon Jenkins’ kneejerk salvo against FOI in the Guardian, now Charles Moore, the Godfather of traditionalist opinion, coughs up a deplorable rant in the Telegraph that makes Jenkins look positively forward-thinking. The most obvious thing is that Moore doesn’t know what he’s talking about. He admits this himself – asserting that… Continue reading A pair of Charlies

Not now, Brian, we’re busy

  Imagine that you are employed by a mobile phone network. Somebody working for a claims management firm approaches you, offering a large sum of money to steal the customer database, especially the mobile numbers. They want to send PPI claim text messages to all of the people on the list. You download the customer… Continue reading Not now, Brian, we’re busy

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